Wednesday, 16 October 2013

How to change\update your BlackBerry ID username

Do you plan on switching email providers in the near future? Perhaps you already have and would like to associate your BlackBerry ID with this address.
If so, follow the steps below to update your BlackBerry ID username, aka email address.
Using a browser on a computer or smartphone
  1. Visit using a browser on your computer or smartphone
  2. Select Sign In and enter your BlackBerry ID username and password, then select Sign In
  3. Select Account Details and next to Details, select Edit
  4. Remove the current username (email address) that is displayed and replace it with your new username (email address)
  5. Select Save followed by selecting Done
Using a BlackBerry 10 device

  1. From the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap Settings
  2. Tap BlackBerry ID and select Edit
  3. Tap within the BlackBerry ID Username field and remove the current email address
  4. Type the new email address and press and hold the space key to hide the keyboard when finished
  5. Tap Submit and Continue when prompted
  6. Enter your current BlackBerry ID password and tap OK to complete the change
  7. Tap OK to return to BlackBerry ID settings
Using a BlackBerry OS 7 device
  1. From the home screen select Options
  2. Select Device followed by BlackBerry ID
  3. Enter the new email address in the BlackBerry ID Username field
  4. Press the Menu key and select Save
Using a BlackBerry PlayBook
  1. While viewing the home screen, swipe down from the top bezel or tap the Settings icon
  2. Tap BlackBerry ID
  3. Tap the BlackBerry ID Information pencil icon to edit your BlackBerry ID settings
  4. Optionally enter your first and last name
  5. Complete the Screen Name field and enter your new email address in the BlackBerry ID Username field.
    • Tip: Your BlackBerry ID username is the email address that you use when you log in using your BlackBerry ID. The BlackBerry ID screen name is the name that appears when you submit app reviews in the BlackBerry World storefront.
  6. Tap Submit
  7. When prompted, enter your BlackBerry ID password and tap OK
  8. When successful, you will be shown the following message: “Your BlackBerry ID account has been updated.


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