Thursday, 28 November 2013

Thief Steals Woman’s iPhone But Forgets to Disable Photo Sharing

A very hot Tumblr blog this week is “Life of a Stranger Who Stole My Phone,” which presents an oblivious national of Dubai, “Hafid” and all his personal photos taken after having stolen the iPhone from a beach in Ibiza, Spain
Hafid forgot to disable her DropBox, which automatically uploaded images to her cloud storage online. He’s still taking pictures and doesn’t realize he’s a viral phenomenon with 12,000 followers yet! The woman unnamed author says this is how it all happened.

Four hours after me and my friends landed in Ibiza Spain, the four of us found ourselves hopelessly drunk and naked in the sea. We put our stuff on a deck chair 10m away.
… we tumbled out of the water quite irritated. everything was gone. money, purses, smartphones, passports, janas’ birthday presents and evangelos’ clothes (besides his underpants). As far as i remember, this must have happened in the time span of 15 minutes. well, that sucked quite hard.
Apparently some guys with night-vision glasses hid in the dunes, waiting for drunk tourists to leave their belongings somewhere unobserved. then they crawled through the sand, stole the stuff and walked away like nothing happened.
This would have been just another “iPhone thief caught by his own ignorance” story until Hafid used Facebook to hit on the unnamed victim.
What really made me wonder about his stupidity, was when i checked my Facebook profile and found out that he entered my  account, as you can see above, AND sent me a personal message from his own account to hit on me.  That’s why i know his name is Hafid.

Talk about being caught red-handed in the electronic age! It’s been going on since July 28th and the iPhone thief has yet to realize that’s he’s become an overnight celebrity. I give the guy no later than the end of breakfast before he realizes he’s been caught on (his own) camera!

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