Friday, 13 December 2013

Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts includes the US this time around, FROM December 26 and January 6

Apple is setting up its annual 12 Days of Gifts promotion and for the first time it will allow US users to join in on the giveaway (Canada and Europe got stuff in previous years but not the US). Each day between December 26 and January 6, people with an iOS 7 running iDevice will be able to download a free gift.

The offer each day will be available for 24 hours only, so you should download the dedicated app to keep track of those.
The freebies will include apps, movies, songs, books “and more”. Apple, of course, doesn’t give away which ones exactly, but that’s part of the fun – checking under the virtual iTunes Christmas tree and opening the present.
Again, you’ll need iOS 7 for this app, which means 26% of iDevice owners will miss out. Also, why is this app 64.7MB? Maybe there’s an easter egg hidden inside, it sounds a bit too large for such a simple app.

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