Sunday, 1 December 2013

Finally how to downgrade your BBM from 8 to 7

 Good day views, i have been getting lots of call, text and pings from BBM users complaining about the new BBM 8 update on blackberry devices mainly non BB10 devices, majority complained of   their blackberry device hanging, dragging or become slow immediately after the update.
This post consist of links to where you can downgrade you BBM back to BBM7 version, so click on the link that is respective to your device below

FOR (BB WITH OS5) click-BBM v7.0.1.23

FOR (BB WITH OS6) click-BBM v7.0.1.23

FOR (BB WITH OS7) click-BBM v7.0.1.23

FOR (BB WITH OS7.1) click-BBM v7.0.1.23

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