Friday, 13 December 2013

i0n1c Alleges Jailbreak Exploit Stolen From Evad3rs

Stefan Esser, a security researcher known as i0n1c, is alleging that someone close to the evad3rs stole a jailbreak exploit and sold it to a private buyer. I0n1c is the hacker behind the untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.2. He also jailbroke the iPad 3 on iOS 5.1.

Yesterday morning Esser tweeted, "So apparently someone around the @evad3rs stole a jailbreak from them and sold it to a private buyer."

When asked by iDesignTimes about the allegation, evad3rs member pod2g said, "That's complete bullsh--." He also noted that "the jailbreak stuff is moving on, but slowly."

Esser responded saying, "LOL so a jailbreak news site asked the @evad3rs if someone stole their JB and they say no. How would they know if someone copied it?"

"The only way the @evad3rs could be sure that no one stole their JB exploits is if they have nothing at all to steal."

i0n1c also emphasized that he said someone around the team stole it, not a member themselves.

"I said someone around the @evad3rs stole it. I never said it was a member."

Even if the a jailbreak was stolen from the evad3rs and sold to a private buyer, it's unlikely that the buyer would be looking to share it with Apple. However, if a jailbroken device is found in the wild, Apple could examine it to close the vulnerabilities for future firmware versions.

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